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JD Puri

Meet JD

JD was born and raised in Cariboo region of British Columbia in a small town named Quesnel. It was in this small town that JD grew up playing sports, excelling in his studies and more importantly, getting into all sorts of mischief. Being from a small town is something JD is proud of and after moving to the lower mainland in 2007 for his post-secondary education, JD really didn’t like living in a big city….

He missed his friends, the fact that everybody knew his name and the close-knit  community he called home.

However, after forming some great friendships at Simon Fraser University and then at the University of British Columbia, while pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree, JD started to love the city life. In his 2nd year at UBC Pharmacy, JD realized that his family needed help with his tuition and education and instead of picking up a job like most people do, JD became a licensed REALTOR® in an effort to ease the burden on his family.

Why Real Estate?

JD loves people. JD loves property. JD loves helping people make wise decisions. JD loves Real Estate!

In his early time as a REALTOR®, JD focused primarily on his schoolwork but in the summers was able to earn enough to graduate without any student loan debt.

Upon graduation, JD worked as a pharmacist for a couple of years full time and realized that he really preferred being his own boss and when the opportunity to own a good pharmacy did not present itself and due to other factors, JD shifted his focus to real estate.

In 2015, JD was recognized as a Top 10% agent in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and was therefore part of the “Medallion Club”

Currently (as of October 4th, 2017), JD is ranked 568th out of over 14,000 real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. Rankings aside, JD does not focus on these types of things but rather on clients and feels the rankings and accolades follow only as a result of extreme care and commitment to each of his clients.

JD is unique in that he does not limit himself geographically like many agents do. JD has sold properties all the way from Abbotsford to Squamish and has the unique ability to partner with other agents in different cities, extract relevant information and always makes sure that his client’s best interests are represented. He believes in being full service so that doesn’t mean selling someone’s home in Vancouver and then telling them they are on their own when it comes to finding another home in a different city. He makes sure that he connects them with a local REALTOR® while making sure he is still part of the picture until the decision is made. 

A message from JD to past and prospective clients

The best compliment I can receive is the referral of your friends and family in the future. I have not done a lot of random advertising over the years as I believe building and maintaining solid relationships are more important than conducting emotionless transactions. If your vision is aligned with mine, let’s create something bigger than ourselves!